Best Sex Positions for G Spot?

Best Sex Positions for G Spot?

Closed Missionary Position

This position enables you to enjoy greater stimulation even with shallow penetration. To practice this sex position, start of from your back before you move legs together. The legs of your partner ought to straddle yours. This enables you to achieve a tighter squeeze. Although shallow penetration may not hit deep, it creates the tight feeling which increases friction against the G spot. This can be what your G spot needs to achieve orgasm.

You may have watched adult movies that make G spot stimulation look easier. However, it’s not always that easy and quick. What’s more, some women believe that sex is generally shameful. They are not allowed to express their eroticism openly or strive to achieve sensual satisfaction. This makes achieving sexual satisfaction and orgasm harder for them. Nevertheless, if you have the right partner or you are a BBW escort, take control of your sex life. Find your G spot and practice these sex positions to stimulate it and have multiple orgasms every time you have sex.  

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